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Intellectual Property


DM3D's patented and innovative technology is commercially proven for repair, restoration and reconfiguration applications, as well as additive metal changes to production tools and parts. DM3D has significant intangible IP assets consisting of over twenty (20) issued domestic and foreign patents with additional patents pending (all within the Additive Metal & Digital Manufacturing environment). DM3D’s closed loop optical feedback patent produces three dimensional (3D), unmanned, laser based, powder metal fusion which produces a fully dense metal product in a variety of powder or wire metals or specialty metals.

DM3D has developed proprietary software such DMDCAM and DMD Vision to assist with the fabrication of parts and components. DMDCAM is a comprehensive, 6-axis CAM software developed jointly with Tata Consulting Services (TCS) that generates deposition paths for contour, surface and volume geometry. 

DM3D has many trade secrets as a result of developing this proprietary technology and commercializing various applications over a 10+ year period, all while improving and enhancing this remarkable technology. DM3D has many proprietary recipes and coatings which are used in hardfacing applications and the remanufacturing of parts. Additionally, years of first-hand knowledge, as well as hundreds of Research and Development projects, provide a knowledge base and wealth of information beyond compare from any other additive metal manufacturing (AMM) company in the market today.